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  • 1. Are you a manufacturer ? Yes, we are a professional steel furniture manufacturer which specialized in producing and marketing full range of office furniture system, such as steel locker cabinet,office steel cabinets, filling cabinet, steel lockers, bookshelf, mobile cabinet, compact shelving, steel-wood school furniture(desk, bunk bed,chair,experimental platform) etc. 2. Where is your factory located? How can I visit there? Our factory is located in Baoshan District, Shanghai, China . Welcome to visit our factory. 3. Can you do OEM? Yes, we do OEM products. We also can do: (1) Professional design: We have the professional designers, we usually produce goods based on customer’s samples, design drawings, picture and sizes etc. (2) Logo printing: We can show the logo on the products as the customer’s requirements. 4.How does your factory do regarding quality control? Quality is the most important for the customers and our factory. We have ISO9001, ISO 14001 and Certificate of Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification for all the quality control and safety production in every step. 5.How can I get some samples? We are honored to offer you samples, but clients are expected to pay for the products cost and freight charge. But the sample cost will be deducted once orders are released.





    The company,the German Red Dot Design award for industrial design master and domestic colleagues and universities institutes cooperate to form the top-level group of product designing,to design specially for the furniture ,trying our best to make HongGang become the domestic leading Innovative and research-based furniture manufacturer.
    About us

    ​纬来体育nba直播360_湖人直播纬来体育|NBA直播-足球在线直播 was established in July 2005, located in Jiading District Xu Xing Industrial Park, covering an area of 26320 square meters. We're speciallized in R&D, production and sales of high-quality office furniture,our proucts fit for government agencies, colleges and universities, troops and other enterprises and institutions. The company has always been "carefully manufactured to ensure quality, meticulous service, to ensure credibility" as our value proposition,we won more customer's praise after we completed many large projects in successfully. Company products:file cabinet series, locker series, steel apratment bed series, mobile file shelves,bookshelf series, Goods racks series, desk series, conference desk series, office chair series, sofa series, screen work tables, medical equipment series, school equipment, laboratory furniture series.

    New model

    Mesh cloth surface maintenance methods:1. Found on the mesh dust can be blown with a hair dryer can be 1-2 minutes;2. Found that the mesh is dirty, it is recommended to use a wet towel, drop a drop of detergent, gently wipe in the dirty place for 1 minute.

    In China, queuing is a normal thing, food to line up, the car to line up, to buy things to line up ... ... no matter what the purpose of lining up for most people, this is both a tired heart And tired of the body's hard work. But now, the emergence of

    Metal wardrobe, as the name implies, is made of metal cabinets. Used to change clothes, clothes storage cabinets. Due to taking into account the manufacturing cost of the average family in the life of wooden locker, but the use of different places and grad

    1, the glass to avoid hardware collision.2, to protect the wardrobe door clean, track can not have debris, dust.3, to prevent heavy objects and sharp hit hit track to prevent the effects of sliding rail deformation.4, the use of small corrosive cleaning li

    1. With a clean cotton towel, folded neatly into the locker, the towel on the micro-hole can absorb the smell of more wardrobe, over time to remove the towel with warm water, dried and then use.2. Tea water, vegetable water to smell: with a clean soft clot

    Structural Function and Classification of Bookshelf
    1 shelves for the frame structure: by the end of sitting, columns, shelves, hanging plate, roof, side guard, book block and other components.2, section type, height, frame width, layers and the number of groups can be selected according to customer needs.3, the chassis is generally segmented modular, with docking and interchangeability.4, the shelf and hook hook supporting plate, after the combination of stable and firm, layer and layer spacing can be adjusted according to need. Each shelf even load-bearing, single-sided 40kg, double-sided for 80kg, for increased load. Can be specially designed.5, according to the State Archives of A4 paper standards for the latest provisions, in order to make the original national standard A4 paper standard size and international standards, the need to increase the height of the technical parameters of the national standard file developed.6, powder: electrostatic powder spray, environmental protection, non-toxic, odorless.7, the welding part of high standard welding, surface smoothCategories of bookshelves:Single column typeThe so-called single-column bookshelves in Shanghai refers to both sides of a single column of metal Guanxi withstand horizontal to each partition on the book weight, each shelf length of 90cm, can also be used alone can continue to arrange. In general, the height of its bookshelf in 200cm or more, the top will be tied to the special club in order to safety.Complex column typeIt refers to the shelves on both sides, each with more than two pillars, to withstand the horizontal partition to transfer book load. However, in order to promote beauty, in the metal column-type bookshelves on both sides of the top and special, additional wooden plate.Stacked bookshelves: In order to make full use of the limited space, a large number of books, the application of steel materials, durable features for the laminated shelves to provide display books, is a good method. However, the specifications of the shelves have their own provisions, such as the United States is the level of each shelf is 2280mm, each layer is divided into 5 to 7; The width of one side of the plate is 200 mm and the width of the pillar is 50 mm.Sliding intensive bookshelfThe use of slide-intensive bookshelf can be divided into manual and electric two forms. Two fixed, middle shelves by the base of the guide rail, guide sliding, is an effective use of limited space collection of books a large number of methods.Wooden shelf materials, including solid wood, board, wood heart board, particle board and other processing group 郃 forming, painting or use of surface decoration materials patch, soft and textured. Library commonly used in the form of vertical, base tilt L-type bookshelves, is to facilitate the reader access to books, with different specifications of the type.
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    1, pay attention to bookshelf inside and outside dimensions. For the average consumer, the choice of bookshelves before the books for their existing and future books to decide on the purchase of bookshelves style. If the book is more than 32 format, there is no need to choose the kind of layer height and thickness are large 16 book design bookshelves, in order to avoid wasting valuable space.2, pay attention to the firmness of the shelf. Books heavier, so the bookshelf fruition of the high requirements. Especially in the middle horizontal board requirements strong, vertical support force should be strong, so that the whole can be strong and durable.3, pay attention to the style and style of bookshelves. Study of furniture purchase also need to focus on the overall style with the style and style of bookshelves should be consistent with the study of the wind, so as to create a comfortable and beautiful study.4, pay attention to the price of bookshelves. According to their own economic conditions, choose the right price for their bookshelves.
  • 102016/10
    1. Bookshelf for the frame structure and material requirements: by the end of sitting, column, shelf, hanging plate, roof, side guard, book block and other components. Material: Steel is made of high quality cold-rolled steel sheet (CDCM-SPCC), the overall is gray, performance in line with GB / T3325-1995 standards: pipe and s***ping parts without cracks, welding surface corrugated uniform, smooth all welding. Metal film layer without exposed bottom, bump, pimple, color, obviously sagging. 0.8mm; hanging plate 0.8mm; base 2.0mm; spray all the structure of the whole coating thickness 0.2-0.25mm surface is a positive light2. Section type, frame height, frame width, layers and the number of groups can be selected according to customer needs.3. Underframe is generally segmented modular, with docking and interchangeability.4. Shelf and buckle hook support plate, after the combination of stable and firm, layer and layer spacing can be adjusted as needed. Each shelf even load-bearing, single-sided 40kg, double-sided for 80kg, for increased load. Can be specially designed.5. Spraying: electrostatic powder spray, environmental protection, non-toxic, odorless. Color optional.6. Welded part of the high standard welding after grinding, surface smooth.
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    Do not need luxury furnishings,Simple and elegant furniture,But also allows you to live,Become full texture
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